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by Turtle Bunbury

Gill Books

Discover the eclectic characters & revolutionary events of a year that turned the world upside down.

Author and historian Turtle Bunbury has long been fascinated by the epic year of 1847. Determined to understand its zeitgeist, he has assembled 34 remarkable stories from those twelve momentous months.

With his penchant for the quirky, Bunbury reveals a world of nobility and generosity, of bold genius and fearsome savagery, embracing everything from the salty seadogs who explored the Pacific and Arctic oceans to show-stopping entertainers like Lola Montez and General Tom Thumb – Arctic the intrepid pioneers who stumbled through the Americas to the ground-breaking inventors of the doughnut, the gumball and the Christmas cracker –the famine-starved Irish and persecuted German emigrants to the Vietnamese emperor’s war with the French – the ivory-tinkling genius of Liszt and Mendelssohn to the horse-bound Comanche warriors who dominated Texas ... a rollicking globe-trot!


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