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The Read Wine Book Club

The Read Wine Book Club started off when two soccer mums were inspired by a book they themselves were reading; The Book Club by Kate McCabe and decided that they too would like a piece of the action! They had a few conversations with different people to get advice in regards to starting their own; asking about things like numbers, how often to meet, what to eat and of course how to choose the books. They also got advice from their local library, who were a great help and then they, in their own words, ‘gathered a motley crew together of acquaintances’ and the Read Wine Book Club emerged!
Each member takes a turn to hold a book club meeting and with 12 members it works out that they only have to entertain once a year, which is ideal.
The books are chosen by the person who is going to host the club next and so it’s her choice of book that is discussed at her house. The hostess also provides the refreshments. Lots of cheese and wine are a must for this particular book club!!!
The club are a well organised one and feel that a few small rules helps everything run smoothly. They even have a llittle silver note book that has the club rules at the front and on subsequent pages listed are the books that have been read. They mark each book out of ten which makes it interesting as they can then look back and see what books hit the literary spot.
The books they have read range from The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, which actually didn’t rate too well. They also reviewed some top books, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak with a lot of forgettable and unforgettable books in between.
The members of this book club were not friends at the start but as time has passed friendships have blossomed quite naturally as they are all united by their love of reading. Proof that books really can bring people together!