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Book Clubs - More Information

A book club is a great way to share your love of books and reading with friends and also to make new ones! If there isn’t a book club in your area why not start your own?

Tips for getting your own book club started

Book clubs are a great way of getting like minded people together. Whether you have moved to a new area and are looking to meet people or you are a group of old friends who want to make sure you stay in touch, a book club is a fantastic reason to get together regularly.

If you are considering setting up a new book club, there is lots of information out there. You can use this site as a guide and our regular recommended reads may help to inspire your book choices, or you may have a particular genre of book that you and your fellow book lovers enjoy. Either way, here are a few tips to help you get started:

What’s the perfect number of people for a book club?

About eight to ten people is ideal. Too few and it can be hard to get conversation going or to ensure that there are enough people there each month for a good discussion. Too many, and some people will never get a word in!

How do I get started?

You’ll often find friends or family members are keen to start a book club, alternatively try putting a notice up in your local book shop or library looking for members and you’ll get going in no time.

How often should we meet?

Once a month is perfect. Too often and you’ll find that people can’t make it, too infrequently and it’s hard to get a sense of community going. You also need to give people a realistic length of time to read the chosen book!

What are the rules?

Different book clubs will have different rules. Keep them simple – agree on how often you meet, how to pick the book, who should host the meetings and what format they should take.

Where should we meet?

A lot of clubs meet in someone’s home with each member of the group taking it in turn to host. This keeps it nice and relaxed although some clubs choose to meet in cafes or pubs which can be great fun too. If it’s at home, some snacks and drinks always go down well, but don’t go to too much trouble! Remember it’s about the books, not a catering competition!

What kind of books should we read?

This is the beauty of book clubs! You will find yourself enjoying books that you may never have even considered. Some clubs will specialise in particular types of books – autobiographies, poetry etc., but most keep things varied and this keeps debate lively and interesting.

What kind of questions should we ask?

You’ll find that many books now carry questions at the end specifically for book clubs and you might find these useful. If not, it’s great just to get some chat going about the book. What do people think of a specific character? What did they think of the storyline? Did the book resonate with them on any emotional level? It’s important to let everyone have their say and not let one person dominate the meetings.
Above all, your book club should be fun! A social get together of like minded people who enjoy books and reading. For inspiration on what to do next, or to find out more about what’s happening book wise, remember to check regularly.

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