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Little Readers

Little Readers is now closed!

Unfortunately due to an overwhelming demand we have run out of books for 2016. We received thousands of registrations and our Little Readers books will be posted to homes across the country in the next couple of weeks! We’re delighted that so many people recognise the importance of sharing a love of reading. We’re really sorry if you missed out this year, but keep and eye out in 2017 when we’ll be back again with lots more books to share! Over 400 books will also be making their way to children under 5 in emergency homeless accommodation across Ireland as part of the campaign.

We’re helping you share your love of books and reading with your children by giving away free books for under 5s. Now in its third year, Little Readers aims to inspire reading from an early age and this year our bookshelves were heaving with a fantastic 5,000 books for children under 5 all over Ireland to enjoy for free!

As a long-time supporter and promoter of books and reading we believe that a shared love of reading between a parent and a child is invaluable. Reading is such an important part of so many Irish people lives and instilling this in your children from an early age will mean they can grow up loving books too!

As part of this year’s campaign we will also donate a book to our charity partner Focus Ireland for every young child in emergency homeless accommodation across Ireland.

Underlining the fun that young children can have with books and the role they play in helping to fire a child’s imagination, we’ve teamed up with early childhood development expert David Carey who said:

“Getting children aged 5 and under acquainted with books and reading from a young age is so helpful to their development. At this tender age, reading helps to stimulate brain growth and development and it lays down the foundation for a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Reading, especially with a parent or guardian, creates templates in the brain which make the child feel loved, nurtured and emotionally secure. Books can give children a great sense of calm, comfort and security. The greatest gift you can give to a child, after the gift of love, is the gift of reading.”

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Featured Children

Marco: Moonwalker by Gerry Boland
Gangsta Granny by David Walliams
Harry the Poisonous Centipede: A Story to Make You Squirm by Lynne Reid Banks and Tony Ross
One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson